So much to love: Somewhere along the dusty, rural roads and cornfields of the Midwest, you’ll find Calpernica, a town full of heart.

Come visit the sleepy little town of Calpernica as the Jacobson family, the Waters, the McNabbs, and a castful of colorful characters face life, death, and everything in between the best way they can- with love, laughter, and sometimes, a little help from the Man Upstairs.

Inspired by the Book of Job and written in the zany tradition of Raising Arizona and O Brother Where Art Thou, this romantic comedy series is about broken people, broken churches, restoration, and forgiveness.

I’ve lived in Illinois for nearly three decades. The Calpernica series is my zany love letter to the Midwest and in particular, to small town life. There are ten books planned for this series, which take place over the span of 50 years. The characters age and change over time, and so does the town.

Note: Currently Book 1 is out, and a Christmas novella is in the works, as well as Book 2, Wilde in the Heart. 

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