Released August 15, 2019

Buckle up your seat belts for the latest installment of the Black Kat series: God Save the Queen. It’s twice the size of the previous books, and packed with non-stop action, hot Supers, crazy Rogues, and plenty of antics and banter.

Let the games begin…

When a beautiful bounty hunter is betrayed by her partner, Hugh Harrison does the only thing a proper gentleman would do–he rescues her. Never mind that she’s hunted him down through seven states to drag him back to prison. She’s a female Super, one who may hold the key to his struggles with the government, his search for his missing brother, and his own failing health-if he can save her from herself.

The last person Katherine Carter expects to come to her aid is the world-famous escape artist she’s been chasing. His unusual powers confuse and bewitch her as he leads her deeper into an underground society of people with amazing abilities and makes her an offer she can’t refuse. But trusting the cunning illusionist to keep his end of the bargain may cost her everything, including her heart.

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